Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog! I’ve had the idea of writing a blog for a very long time, and for some reason i never started working on it. Probably because i thought that nobody would be interested in what i had to write. Or more possibly because i’m lazy.

Anyway, in my new job (which maybe will be the subject of another post) they give a lot of importance to the research and development. And they encourage us to keep a blog and write about all things that we came up with. But this is just the excuse that somebody lazy like me needs to start a new project: my so anticipated blog in this case.

This blog will be mainly of geek stuff. Written by a geek and aimed to geeks. The software that we use is Solr. This is a big search application that is based on Lucene, which is an inverted index. Oddly, Solr doesn’t have a lot of bibliography as other Apache projects has. I found only one book by Packt Publishing, and nothing else. Of course there is a lot of documentation on the website, but that’s not the same. So, part of this blog will be about the researching part of my work, creating benchmarks and posting the results and all that. And also about topics that have nothing to do with solr but I always wanted to talk about, just because I found them interesting.

Finally I tell you that English is not my native language, but as we all know, Esperanto didn’t have the success that it creator expected and English was adopted as the universal language (natural selection perhaps). So i’ll be writing all my posts in English, and that’s why you’ll find some strange grammar and vocabulary in my blog!!!

I hope you all like this blog-project!

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